Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interstate Churches

And no, I do not mean churches situated along the interstate.

Christianity Today is reporting on plans for Mars Hill church in Seattle to open a satellite group in Portland to get real-time feeds of the home church meetings with Mark Driscoll's preaching.  'Scuse me?  Are they serious?  I am having difficulty fathoming how many ways this is just plain wrong.  And this is not the first group to have done it.

I enjoyed the curt response from Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk.  These megachurches are completely missing the concept of the local church, the body of Christ, and the nature of community.


Anonymous said...

That is why they are mega-churches. The masses do not want the local church. Mega-churches are tare gatherers. The local churches are wheat gathers. Does that sound right? In Him, Doc

Stephen Pohl said...

And Catholics can't phone in a confession. The Church and sacraments are incarnational. Got to be there in the body in both senses of the word.

Steve Bricker said...

Thanks, gentlemen. Mega-churches are tare-gatherers? Largely true. After the post I read a blog piece referencing the "crowd and core" model. If I remember correctly in marketing it's known as the 1% rule: market to 1000 people; of those 1% will consider the offer; of those 1% will buy in. That's just the opposite of a church being the body of Christ with members working in harmony so that Christ builds the church with him as its head.

PS: Is it providential that the first two responders are those I met on StudyBibleForum? Probably just coincidence.