Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Enjoyable Correspondence with a Scholar

I had been reading some of John of Damascus in volume 14 of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series 2 when I saw a comparison made to Theodoret in the prologue.  Not finding the work I sent an e-mailed to a blogger in England whom I follow, Roger Pearse, since his field of study deals with ancient Christian texts.  Apparently, this good man was interested enough in the topic to post some of the dialogue.  In the end I was the one who located where to find the text in the original language, but those skills are nonexistent.  Had a French copy been available, I could possibly muddle through it adequately enough.

If you have interest in early Christian texts, I recommend Roger's blog.  He has a pleasant style.  Also there is his website The Tertullian Project which I happened upon while researching for a final paper in apologetics.  This is a treasure trove of material concerning Tertullian and his works.

Roger Pearse found a complete translated copy of the work in a PhD dissertation: An Analysis of the Heresiological Method of Theodoret of Cyrus in the "Haereticarum Fabularum Compendium" by Glenn M. Cope and available through UMI Dissertation Express.

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