Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fellowship with Godlessness (Laodicea - Canon 39)

It is not lawful to feast together with the heathen, and to be partakers of their godlessness.

As a follow-up of canons on Jewish feasts, the synod members addressed the pagan feasts as well.  Just as surely as there was to be no fellowship in Jewish feasts, so should there be none in pagan.  While the former would have had a moral and ethical atmosphere the latter certainly would not; and neither would reflect what the Father Almighty desired concerning his Son.

Does this mean we cannot fellowship with the unrighteous?  Certainly not, for we are not called to isolationism (1 Cor 5:9-10).  Believers are not to enter into the debauchery, gluttony, and general godlessness that would be rampant at the pagan feasts.

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