Friday, February 7, 2014

Praying for Revival? Begin with Yourself

[L]et there be a revival in each individual heart.  Let there be an earnest and prayerful return to the neglected Word.  Let there be a devout reading and meditation of the Law of God, an earnest, persevering searching of the heart and life in the light of that law, until there is a feeling of guilt and shame.  Then let there be a prayerful reading and rereading of the Penitential Psalms, the seventh chapter of Romans, the fifty-third of Isaiah, the fifteenth of Luke, the fifth and eighth of Romans, and the epistles of John.  Along with this private us of the divine Word, let there be a like prayerful public use.  In case of perplexity and doubt, let there be an unburdening before the pastor, with a request for instruction and prayer.  This process will bring about penitence for sin and faith in Christ.  Let it continue to be a daily dying unto sin, a daily living unto righteousness, a daily putting off the old man, a daily putting on the new man—a daily repentance for sin, and a daily turning to and laying hold of Christ.  Such a revival is Scriptural and efficacious.

George H. Gerberding, “True Revivals”

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