Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Job Extension

Yesterday, I was happy to receive news that my current position has been extended from the end of February to mid-May.  Those who are close to us know that I have had a permanent position for only seven of the past fourteen years.  (The unstable job market is crazy.)  As you can imagine that can lead to periods of fear, uncertainty, doubt, and stress from lack of income or the looming threat.  Still, by God’s goodness we have weathered the storms as they come.  This extension is just one more case where He has recently come through for us, while I continue to search for something more permanent.  We gratefully accept what the Lord provides.

P.S.: Last week I was joking with someone that all I need is to get 40,000-50,000 friends to pledge one dollar annually through PayPal and no longer worry about it.  That would allow time to study and write more.  Alas! retirement is still some years away.

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