Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gangra - Canon 12

If any one, under pretense of asceticism, should wear a peribolæum and, as if this gave him righteousness, shall despise those who with piety wear the berus and use other common and customary dress, let him be anathema.

The peribolæem was a "rough mantle worn by philosophers to show their contempt for luxury."1  Those wearing such attire and despising those who wore common dress were guilty of spiritual pride in opposition to the apostle Paul's instruction (Rom 14:1-12).  As believers grow in Christ certain characteristics become manifest—those things that demonstrate maturity and reflect more of the Lord living in and through us.  Those who are older in Christ can forget the lost estate from where Christ called us.  We all begin physically and spiritually as newborns with the expectation to grow to maturity.  We should not be proud of ourselves for doing what is expected or despising others for not being at the same place we are.

1 Hefele, (NPNF2 14:97).

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