Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gangra - Canon 11

If anyone shall despise those who out of faith make love-feasts and invite the brethren in honor of the Lord, and is not willing to accept these invitations because he despises what is done, let him be anathema.

This canon does more than touch on bad intentions toward those who gather at love-feasts.  The early church placed its main emphasis on this very meeting.  Both Paul (1 Cor 11-14) and Jude (Jude 12) mention these gatherings as intended for the local assembly on a regular basis.  Even after the apostles die off the scene, the church brought forward the importance of the Lord's remembrance in the bread and wine.  Examples are found in early church documents, such as the Didache (chap. 9, 14).  For anyone to dismiss or despise this solemn time of remembrance and fellowship illustrates both a profound lack of understanding and an indifference to what the Lord Jesus himself asked us to do.

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