Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trying Too Hard?

Miguel Ruiz has posted a nice piece entitled “10 Signs a Church May Be Trying Too Hard to Be Hipster.”  Those ten points are:
  1. Trendy names.
  2. No visible leadership over 40.
  3. God is apparently doing everything (and endorses every leadership decision).
  4. Overactive social media presence.
  5. It sounds just like the radio.  Really, JUST like it.
  6. Everything is really, really, ridiculously real.
  7. Everything is super casual.
  8. Endless cycles of catchphrases, buzzwords, and clichés.
  9. They are unlike any other church in your area.
  10. Their leaders are more spiritual than yours.
The post was written from a confessional Lutheran perspective, but the points made are relevant across denominations.  American Christianity needs to get over its fascination with all things trendy.

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