Friday, October 14, 2016

Sapa X Pocket Diary – Quo Vadis

I have used a variety of planners over the years, changing sizes and layouts as my needs change.  When Quo Vadis announced a giveaway of their Sapa X Pocket Diary in late 2015, I decided to enter.  Not long after I was notified that my planner was on its way.  My original intent was to write a review back in April or May, but life has a way of happening.

These planners are well-designed and takes a beating.  The binding is sewn, which gives spine durability, plus the exterior is protected by a cover (Texas Blue for me), which allows a moisture barrier against perspiration (and rain if not careful).

You will notice that the pages have a perforated corner at bottom right that can be torn out for easy access to your week.  Previously, I never had this feature in a planner, but it’s a handy feature.

Looking at a typical week’s layout, you will see a scheduled time from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, except on Sunday.  Each day’s space is generally sufficient, though there are some Sundays that get a little crazy.  In that case, one could use the small note area on the bottom left for overflow, or use it for a weekly To-Do list.
Between each month (or as close as possible) there are blank note pages.  These come in handy to write down tasks for the following month.  I underuse this feature, but here (see photo at right) is an instance when it was handy.  Heretofore unknown book titles are always worth recording.
At the back is a place to record communications (e-mail and phone).  Since my phone handles most of this, I found this to be a good place to make notes.

One feature that I liked was the set of maps at the back: United States, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  I never needed these, but they are nice for keeping up with current geography.

I really enjoyed using this planner.  Consider picking up this or another of the available models.

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