Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adorned by Their Creator's Will

Continuing my posts of patristic texts coinciding with this Sunday’s Psalm study.

To him who by understanding made the heavens,
    for his steadfast love endures forever  (Ps 136:5)

To the very end of the psalm, praise is proclaimed in honorific narration, which consists of the collected explanation of His achievements, for recording the Lord's achievements is His praise.  So this is what is meant by the earlier words: Who alone has done great wonders, for He performed these things not through not through creatures but solely by the power of His divinity.  His words: He made the heavens in understanding, have delineated the very power of His dispensation.  He does not perform any actions by His sight or by emulating the constructions of others, but all that He has designated by the understanding of His majesty He brings to effect by the work of a moment.  His will embodies the consummation of events, His decree does not permit delay; as the previous psalm put it: Whatever the Lord pleased, He has done in heaven and earth.  So He made the heavens in understanding, for they were not fashioned in any confusion or disorder or misshapenness, but brought to completion well-fashioned and adorned by their Creator’s will.

Cassiodorus, Explanation of the Psalms

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