Saturday, February 20, 2016

Plundering the Plunderer

In his commentary on Psalm 55, Cassiodorus took a highly Christological view of the psalm, seeing David’s words as a prophecy of Jesus’ suffering approaching the cross.  While he may have gone a bit overboard, this portion of his conclusion is wonderful.
We have heard that He who gave life to creatures laid down His own life for the salvation of mortal men.  We have heard that God, who is impervious to suffering, undertook suffering in the flesh on behalf of sinners.  We have heard that He who is co-eternal with the Father endured the punishment of death.  What a price beyond measure, redeeming the human race!  What a holocaust, allowing us to escape eternal flames!  First there was the death which brought ruin, and then the end which brought abiding good without end; for when Satan, the dart of death, emerged against the innocent One, the result was that he rightly lost those whom he held in subjection.  Hell swallowed up its own destruction like fish, and when it thought it was obtaining plunder it was deceived and obtained the plunderer instead.

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