Friday, March 13, 2015

Today's Christianity?

This morning I read a blog post (HT: Bill Muehlenberg) warning of an article, “Contraception Saves Lives,” which promotes Margaret Sanger.  That’s right.  The queen of modern eugenics is lifted up for her undying quest to make contraceptives “widely available to working class and poor women.”  The author, Rachel Marie Stone, attempts to make the same poor arguments that are proffered by Planned Parenthood for ease of access to contraception and abortion: fewer unwanted pregnancies saves money and lives.

This global problem may be argued medically or economically, but that is treating the symptom.  This is a spiritual problem and must be addressed spiritually.  Certainly, there will be economic and medical fallout for actions, and these must be addressed in a compassionate and godly manner, but that does not get to the problem.  To give a horticultural example, that would be like snipping the buds off of weeds in order to stop seed germination, when the need is to pull them out, roots and all.  The readers would be better served by an article addressing the need for Christians to identify sin where it is manifest—I am lost and undone—and to proclaim the gospel of Christ.  He died for me—a personal Savior for a personal sin.

No matter how one tries to pretty up this pig, it still wallows in the mire.  The editors of Christianity Today (CT) should be ashamed for allowing this to be published.  I'm sure CT printed this piece in order to generate publicity for their periodical.  With over 200 comments as of this writing both condemning and lauding the content, they succeeded, but (and excuse my assumption here) I expected something with Christianity in the title would print something—well—Christian, not pagan.  For that reason I suggest they change the name to Paganism Today in order to more correctly identify their brand.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I've been calling them "Christianity Astray" for at least 20 years now. A long time ago I had a subscription, but they just kept getting worse and worse to where one has to wonder why it still carries "Christianity" in its title.