Friday, March 6, 2015

Jesus Christ: True Fullfillment of the Davidic Covenant

Accordingly the prophet Nathan,… makes a promise to David for his seed, “which shall proceed,” says he, “from your loins.”*  Now, if you explain this simply of Solomon, you will send me into a fit of laughter.  For David will evidently have brought forth Solomon!  But is not Christ here designated the seed of David, as of that womb which was derived from David, that is, Mary’s?  Now, because Christ rather than any other was to build the temple of God, that is to say, a holy manhood, wherein God’s Spirit might dwell as in a better temple, Christ rather than David’s son Solomon was to be looked for as the Son of God.  Then, again, the throne for ever with the kingdom for ever is more suited to Christ than to Solomon, a mere temporal king.  From Christ, too, God’s mercy did not depart, whereas on Solomon even God’s anger alighted, after his luxury and idolatry.  For Satan stirred up an Edomite as an enemy against him.  Since, therefore, nothing of these things is compatible with Solomon, but only with Christ, the method of our interpretations will certainly be true; and the very issue of the facts shows that they were clearly predicted of Christ.  And so in Him we shall have “the sure mercies of David.”  Him, not David, has God appointed for a testimony to the nations; Him, for a prince and commander to the nations, not David, who ruled over Israel alone.  It is Christ whom all nations now invoke, which knew Him not; Christ to whom all races now betake themselves, whom they were ignorant of before.  It is impossible that that should be said to be future, which you see (daily) coming to pass.

Tertullian, Against Marcion 3.20

*  2 Samuel 7:12

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