Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who Excels the Radiance of the Sun

Matthew Carver does the Church a service by translating hymns into English.  His latest offering is a Reformation-era Latin work by G. Fabricius, suitable for Good Friday.
Qui Solis Excellit Jubar
1. The light whose brightness passes far
The beauty both of sun and star,
With stripes disfigured, hangs His head
Upon the cross, and God is dead.
6. To Thee, Eternal God, we flee,
Our Seat of Mercy fair and free,
Oh, take the sins which here we own,
And cast them to oblivion.
2. The Lord who gives His creatures breath,
And life to those who lie in death,
With arms the crossbeam spanning wide,
Between the thieves is crucified.
7. By Thee grant us to overthrow
The devil, our salvation’s foe,
The flesh, to stumbling ever prone,
The world, with fruitless pleasures sown.
3. So wracked with wounds and injured sore,
Our wounds and injury He bore:
He took the sins He had not done,
And thus our remedy He won.
8. Reach forth Thy tortured arms to take
The pleas that we Thy mourners make,
And to our faithful pray’rs incline
Thy visage bloody and divine.
4. The Lamb is lifted on the stock,
The Spotless for the spotted flock:
The worthy Victim who alone
With God the Father can atone.
9. O Life and Hope and Strength, to Thee,
Redeemer, Savior, glory be,
With God the Father on His throne,
And Holy Spirit, God alone.
5. O Christ, our true High Priest and Lord,
Upon the Cross’s altar poured,
Who, dying, didst death’s kingdom scour
And lay to waste his tyrant pow’r:

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