Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missing Body Parts

There are many reasons why a body may be missing a limb or organ, but the reason usually stems involuntary circumstances.  Christ's body is different in that the members regularly employ independent volition from the body.  We are reminded from the early church that one important reason for coming together is to be the member the local assembly needs you to be.

When you instruct the people, O overseer, command and exhort them to come constantly to church morning and evening every day, and by no means to forsake it on any account, but to assemble together continually; neither to diminish the Church by withdrawing themselves, and causing the body of Christ to be without its member.  For it is not only spoken concerning the priests, but let every one of the laity hearken to it as concerning himself, considering that it is said by the Lord: "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters."*  Do not therefore scatter yourselves abroad, who are the members of Christ, by not assembling together, since you have Christ your head, according to His promise, present, and communicating to you.†  Do not be careless of yourselves, neither deprive your Savior of His own members, neither divide His body nor disperse His members, neither prefer the occasions of this life to the word of God….  And on the day of our Lord’s resurrection, which is the Lord’s day, meet more diligently, sending praise to God that made the universe by Jesus, and sent Him to us, and condescended to let Him suffer, and raised Him from the dead.

Didache, 59

* Matthew 12:30
† Matthew 28:20

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