Thursday, February 7, 2013

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Courtesy of The Sacred Sandwich
For the secular contest men are trained and prepared, and reckon it a great glory of their honor if it should happen to them to be crowned in the sight of the people, and in the presence of the emperor.  Behold a lofty and great contest, glorious also with the reward of a heavenly crown, inasmuch as God looks upon us as we struggle, and, extending His view over those whom He has condescended to make His sons, He enjoys the spectacle of our contest.  God looks upon us in the warfare, and fighting in the encounter of faith; His angels look on us, and Christ looks on us.  How great is the dignity, and how great the happiness of the glory, to engage in the presence of God, and to be crowned, with Christ for a judge!  Let us be armed, beloved brethren, with our whole strength, and let us be prepared for the struggle with an uncorrupted mind, with a sound faith, with a devoted courage.

Cyprian, To the People of Thibaris, Exhorting to Martyrdom, Epistle 55.8

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