Friday, July 22, 2011

Christ's Resurrection Provides Hope of Our Own

Christ the Lord, then after he had destroyed death and ensured our salvation in this manner, returned to heaven, leaving behind him the hope of a similar ascent to those who cultivate sanctity.  "And I, if only I am lifted up," He says, "will draw all men to myself."

Such is the loving care of the God of the universe for men. Such providence has the creator exercised for his thankless creation. Such is the attention of the prototype for his own image. He fashioned it from the beginning and honored it with his own likeness. But it was ungrateful to its make, destroyed the divine image, received the characteristics of wild beasts, and changed from divine into animal form. The creator did not look askance at what had assumed animal form, but renewed it, restored it to its pristine splendor, gave it back its old gracefulness, and made those his sons who were unworthy to be his servants.

Theodoret of Cyrus, On Divine Providence, Discourse 10.42-43

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