Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baked Iowan

I am vacationing this week and would enjoy it more if the temperatures were below 95° F.  While yesterday and today have have generally been lounging about the house with brief trips outside, this morning found me in the garage trying to tune up the bicycles for our camping trip tomorrow through the weekend.  I was outside approximately 30 minutes and came in drenched with sweat—not a pretty sight.

What's that you ask?  Why are we camping during the hottest week of the year?  Elementary, Holmes: to make up for camping last October when the evening temperatures dipped below 30° F.  At least that is my story.  I have no other plausible explanation.  (And believe me, cold is easier to handle than the heat.)  If life is about finding balance, Iowa would have to be removed from the planet.  As any Iowan knows, the weather can change from sunny to precipitation to hail to tornado to sunny again on any given day with temperature fluctuations that look like an EKG readout.

All this with humidity somewhere above 115%.  Seriously, there are days so muggy, SCUBA gear is required to go outside.

All that said, my output will fall precipitously for the rest of the week, unless perhaps I can squeeze in something that I can schedule to post later.

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