Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Awake, O Sleeper

I spotted the below piece at The Brothers of John the Steadfast.  Originally written in 1846, Dr. C.F.W. Walther admonishes Lutherans to awake from negligence and indifference to live as the baptized in Christ.  Walther’s assessment is not just a Lutheran issue: it is a Christian issue.  The Church in the United States needs this reminder every bit as much as it was needed 170 years ago.

In America no denomination has suffered any deeper fall than this fellowship that is called “Lutheran.”  All the sects of this land are more zealous to preserve the false doctrines upon which they’ve been founded, and that give them their unique character, than the present so-called Lutherans intend to hold fast to the holy and pure doctrine which is founded upon the clear Word of God, that was entrusted to her through God’s unspeakable grace.  Yes, we see the American Lutheran Church is not only dominated by negligence and indifference, but even by enmity against the true Lutheran Church.  She has retained nothing but the name.  She has lost the ancient truth and the ancient spirit of witness.  Yet we also see that we have no reason to despair over the condition of the Lutheran Church in America.  God has obviously once again picked up his winnowing fork to beat his threshing floor and to sift his wheat.  God has obviously resolved to no longer sit back and watch the hidden mice, those false saints, those fish in muddy waters.  God has once again begun to open eyes here and there, who fearfully acknowledge the apostasy of which the Lutherans have become guilty.  Here and there God is awakening men who are loudly demanding those who have abandoned their first love to return.  God be praised!  After a long winter the turtledoves are again heard in our land. (Song of Songs 2:11-13)

Rise, get up then dear brothers!  Let us not idly watch as false brothers band together ever more tightly to bury the foundation of our church and create another beside it.  Since these do all this while still fraudulently fighting under our name, they are more dangerous than our declared enemies.  They are their compatriots even while they bunk in our camp.  He who dwells in heaven surely laughs at them and the LORD mocks them, for “even if the sea billows and rages, and the mountains erode in their storm, yet the city of God remains vibrant and well with her fountains, where are the holy dwellings of the Highest. God is with her, so she will remain well.  God will help her early.”  But as impossible as it is for Luther’s doctrine, that is, God’s Word to be driven out of the world, yet it is just that easily possible, if we do not hold on tightly to it (Tit 1:9–11) and fight for it (Jude 1:3) to lose this gem, (2 John 1:8-9) and someday be rejected as unfaithful stewards.

Therefore, if we do not wish be called hypocritical Lutherans, but want to be and remain Lutherans in deed and truth, let us walk together and again gather around the banner of the ancient, unchangeable doctrine of our church; pleading together that the LORD awaken and create help that comfort again be taught; together fighting against all deceptions with the sword of the Spirit and together bearing the shame by which the LORD strives to designate his servants.  We dare not hope that the church in these latter, horrible times will be established again in a condition of glorious bloom, yet we may also not abandon hope that our witness and our battle will not be completely in vain, but rather will give way to praise of the LORD and convert many souls from the errors of their way.

C.F.W. Walther
Der Lutheraner Volume 2, Number 11
January 1846, pg. 42-43
Translated by Joel Baseley

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