Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Busy August

I want to give an update since my output has dwindled significantly because of our busy August.  First is an extended weekend camping requiring preparation, then there de-cluttering at the end.  When you own a travel trailer there is less of this work than when pulling a folding camper, but one cannot get away from it.  The day following our camping weekend, I began a two-week scoring project down at Pearson.  This will carry me through Friday, and the next assignment does not begin until September 10.  (As an aside, I have had two interviews for a full-time position in town, but the soonest a decision can be made is September 8).

I was offered a chance to preach at our home assembly in August, to which I agreed and accepted the final Sunday (30th).  I took as my texts the Three-Year Lectionary readings for that date as used by Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.  The main reason I bring up that fact is because I was later asked if I could speak August 23 instead because of scheduling difficulties filling the Sunday slots.  I now needed to concentrate on preparation.  Tuesday, I received a request for the Bible text(s), title, and outline to prepare the bulletin the next day.  Panic now sets in.  I was able to partially deliver with texts and title Thursday during lunch

Friday I began coming down down with a sore throat, which was not a real concern, but it should have been.  Saturday morning I was miserable and when to an urgent care facility.  They told me it was a viral infection and just suffer through it for a day or two.  Except I had to preach the next morning and had little voice with which to work.  Swallowing was painful.  Ibuprofen, herbal tea, and vitamin  water became my constant friends.  (As an update, I went to my family doctor, who immediately prescribed Z-Pak, and I feel much better though still not 100%.)

Sunday morning I preached two services, and it was a challenge.  People could tell I was struggling, and those sitting to my right were able to see the pained faces I made when trying to drink what I had on hand.  If you are interested in hearing the raspy-voiced message, you can go to the Sermon page.  Mine is entitled It's Worse than You Imagined and Better than You Hoped.

Hopefully, I can get more on track now that we are beyond that zaniness.

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