Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hey Steve, Where Did You Go?

I have had more than one person wonder what is wrong because my blog is not being updated as regularly as before.  No, the problem is that I am so busy during these Spring months that there is little time for blogging.  Not only do I work my temporary job, but there is the constant search for a permanent position.  That is almost a full-time effort by itself.  On top of that is online training to hone my skills.  If the job-related items are not enough, add the seasonal yard care, plus repairs to the water system in our camper because of a rookie mistake (didn’t winterize correctly), and on top of that being active in several aspects of our local church.  Needless to say, I rarely get a few minutes to concentrate long enough to formulate a post, much less enter it.

I just checked my idea list for this blog—twelve.  And that is only because I deleted some that had such poor notes the subject was incomprehensible or irrelevant.  There is no question readers could get a new post every weekday, but the concentration time needed for cogent, rational sentences is lacking at the moment.  Please bear with me while I regroup and try to get on target.

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Karen said...

Praying for a permanent position with great benefits, allocation of time to each endeavor will be fruitful, and time for play will be refreshing.