Friday, February 13, 2015

Worshiping the Lamb on Equal Terms with God

If we go through the entire book of Revelation and examine all of its doxological material, we find an almost complete overlap in the honorific language directed to God and that directed to the Lamb (see table).  The overlap is not artificially perfect—“wealth” is directed to the Lamb and not to God, “thanksgiving” to God and not to the Lamb—but these differences seem inconsequential in light of the big picture.  Matthias Hoffmann, in his dissertation on the Lamb in the book of Revelation, rightly concludes, “Most of the predicates within the doxologies do not seem to distinguish God and the Lamb from each other, but rather express an equal status of both of them in general.”

By constructing such doxologies to God and Christ together, or even to Christ alone, the New Testament writers were exalting Jesus Christ to the very level of God.

Robert Bowman; J. Ed Komoszewski,
Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ

   God/One on the Throne The Lamb 1 Chr 29:11-12
Worthy (axios) 4:11 5:9, 12   
Blessing/Praise (eulogia) 5:13; 7:12 5:12,13   
Honor (timē) 4:9, 11; 5:13; 7:12 5:12, 13 1 Chr 29:12
Glory (doxa) 4:9, 11; 5:13; 7:12; 19:1b 1:6; 5:12, 13   
Dominion (kratos) 5:13 1:6; 5:13   
Power (dunamis) 4:11; 7:12; 19:1b 5:12 1 Chr 29:11
Might (ischus) 7:12 5:12 1 Chr 29:11-12
Wealth (ploutus)    5:12 1 Chr 29:12
Wisdom (sophia) 7:12 5:12   
Thanksgiving (eucharista) 4:9; 7:12 5:12   
Salvation (sōtēria) 7:10; 19:1b 7:10   

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