Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Boomer Legacy

Larry Peters admits to being critical of the Baby Boomer generation, of which he, my wife, and I are a part.  He makes the following summary points in a recent post:
So it was my generation that:
  • decided that you should hear the pop music you listen to on the radio in worship
  • decided that church should be fun and that pleasure should be that which defines the success of the worship service
  • decided that morals were in the eye of the beholder and that principles and truth were secondary to what seems right at the time
  • decided that if you get bored, don't like the music, or feel rebellious, drop out of church...
He has pretty much nailed it.  Woe on us for leaving such a legacy.  Now, can the course be righted?

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Dah said...

A lot of Baby Boomers I know (including myself and my wife) are strong in our Christian faith, so, as always, it's hard to generalize about a group.