Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keep Giving Me Christ Crucified

For the under-shepherds of Christ's sheep performing their duties while dealing with their own flaws—the vestiges of the sin natureI pass along this encouragement found at Ad Crucem to remain faithful in service according to God's word.

So, pastor, I plead.  In the middle of all the noise and thankless underpaid chaos that your life can be, give me forgiveness.  Give me the Gospel.  Give me Christ.  I can not tell you it will make your life any easier or even that I will complain any less about carpet color.  But I need it.  And I think you do too.  So give me Christ.  Tell me of the splendor of a king dying a criminal’s death being the best news I have ever heard.  Do not worry about boring me with repeating it: just keep building it up.  Let me sing of mercy shed on me, let me hear the words, "given for you."  Help me fix my eyes on Christ.

And since I may forget later, thank you for doing the often thankless job of preaching Christ crucified for sinners, a stumbling block to Jews, folly to Greeks, and the aroma of death to those who are perishing—but to us life, hope, and peace.

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