Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trying to Fix What's Not Broken

There is an opinion piece by Michael Brooks at The Christian Post entitled "Does the Gospel Need Innovation?"  Americans love to tinker—even (or especially) with the gospel.  I recommend the read.  Here is the summary paragraph:
Just because the Gospel's message is something many, even the revisionists, do not want to hear or buy-into, does not mean it lacks relevance.  Relevance is not always determined by pragmatic efficiency, or driven by wants of the masses.  Sometimes it is determined by the efficacy of truth contained.  While this may be lost on an age craving for something new and innovative at every turn, its purveyor must remain committed.  The Gospel does not need innovation.  Rather, humanity needs realignment, and the Church needs to reevaluate its commitment to promoting such ends, instead of innovating a product devoid of defect.

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