Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gene Veith on the DNC Convention

The Democratic National Convention was full of angst about how “middle class” Americans are having such a hard time, how “the system is rigged against them” (as Elizabeth Warren put it), how the rich control everything, and other evocations of national misery.  But if things are so bad and electing Obama will solve the problems, why hasn’t he done anything about them so far?  As someone has noted, the Democrats are sounding like they are running against an incumbent President Romney.  But their guy is the one in office!  Their rhetoric is geared against the status quo–but they are the status quo!

Posted 13-Sep-2012 at Cranach: the Blog of Veith


Dan said...

You're not suppose to think about it too much. Just feeeel the pain, and I'm sure you will begin to see things their way.

Steve Bricker said...

You bet I'm feeling the pain—the pain of watching my country implode.