Thursday, August 30, 2012

Give Them Christ, Not Relevance

Time and again, those churches who cling to their God and Bibles are encouraged to "get with the program" and be relevant to the culture in order to reach the unchurched.  While this sounds good, there are data that just the opposite is true.  Larry Peters has written a post comparing the culture mantra promoted by Barna with Mormon practice, and (lo and behold) the Mormons are growing at a faster rate than Christianity by breaking all the culture rules.

Why is this happening?  The answer should surprise no one.  People know that the world system is a wasteland, but yet they look to that very system or themselves for meaning in it.  What they find is more waste and corruption.  There is a desire to latch hold of what is real and solid, even if that reality is contrived.  Herein Mormon doctrine fills the longing.  From all appearances, this group solidly believes and teaches what is observable as natural law: community, protection, family, morals, and singleness of purpose.  This is what people desire but seek it in the wrong place.

If the church takes up the world, we simply offer one more fleeting experience that will fade away.  We should offer Christ and him crucified.  This is what will satisfy the longing heart.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

What! Not relevance?!?! What would happen to the emerging church, or the Joel Osteens if we don't give them relevance!?!?!

Steve Bricker said...

The church of Laodicea comes to mind—here today, gone tomorrow.