Monday, June 18, 2012

A Code of Ethics for Pastors?

That's right: the National Association of Evangelicals has put forth a Code of Ethics for pastors, signed by prominent church leaders with an invitation for other church leaders to sign.  Why?  What has caused these men to abandon the sufficiency of Christ and the scriptures to do all that has been taught, manifested, and promised through divine revelation?  How is it that evangelicals think so little of the means of grace and discipleship our Lord Jesus taught to the twelve that they feel compelled to supplement the integrity of God's word and the working of the Holy Spirit with a statement that states what should be learned by anyone as the normal Christian life, much less one by one who is an overseer and elder of God's people.

Evangelicalism as a movement must be on its last legs to continually stoop to lower and lower standards.  This is a sign the abject failure of the past decades of varying theological philosophies and endeavors plied in God's name but not according to his word.  I thoroughly understand why men, women, and families have abandoned it for the Church of Rome or Eastern Orthodoxy.  Evangelicals have a culture that has swapped entertainment for worship and so diluted the Law and Gospel that pastors seem more like carnival sideshow barkers than proclaimers of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do I sound upset?  I am.  This comes after listening to a series in which an otherwise good pastor forced what he wanted to say on scripture passages regardless of the context.  That fueled a fire, and this NAE thing really set me off.

How about we teach the Bible better?  Maybe that will help.


Karen said...

Gadzooks!! I read the "code of ethics" & list of pastors who signed. You're right, what happened to reading the Bible and living accordingly. Do they really believe that reading/signing the code will change how they live? Me thinks not!!!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I thought the Bible was the "Code of Ethics" for pastors as well as ALL Christians.