Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Impostors Love the Church

My thanks to Roger Pearse who directed readers to this blog post by Russell Moore.  I found this to be quite applicable:
But a notion of “grace” apart from lordship can provide excellent cover for spiritual impostors.  That’s why virtually every sex predator I’ve heard of compares himself, or is compared by one of those on whom he’s preying, as a latter-day King David.  This is often the case even while this person continues to run rampant in his sin against the Body of Christ.  Those who seek to hold accountable, or even just to warn the flock, are then presented as “unmerciful” or “graceless” or unwilling to help along the “struggling.”

This often leads to a church that then loses its ability to be the presence of Christ.  The church, desiring to be seen to be merciful, loses any aspect of the merciful ministry of Christ because we don’t do what he called us to do: to tend the flock of God.  Or, we are so burned over by the presence of predators among us that we lose the ability to trust anyone.  Yes, there is Demas, and yes, there is Alexander the Coppersmith.  But there’s Timothy and Titus too.

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