Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Exhausted

After working a 55-hour week (I'm such a slacker), there were errands and chores awaiting today.  Start with a trip to the tire store to get my wheels balanced.  Guess what?  Balancing is not the fix, replacement is.  It turns out the front tires were cupped presumably from poor alignment, which surprised me since in my early driving days (1970's) I remember the steering wheel almost shaking out of my hands when alignment was off.  Perhaps that was because of the bias tires we had back then.  I am $150 poorer and need to set up an appointment to get the alignment done.

After that, since the weather was so nice, I tackled the weeds in the front flower bed.  It looks much nicer now, but I can feel the effects in my arms.

Finally, there was needed housework to prepare for evening company.  I helped with what food preparations I could plus vacuumed the carpet.  Sandi did the bulk of work here, of course, and her task was much more difficult because she has to make preparations for not just tonight but also tomorrow when we make a day trip to Davenport to visit with our mothers for Mother's Day.

After that, I finally got to sit and do some additional work to prepare for my job on Monday.  Time for a nap.

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