Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's Have Training Camps

Larry Baden has a good post at pointing out the preference of some churches to teach to the lowest common denominator rather than challenge believers to grow. This usually well-intended action is designed to get people rooted in the faith with the hope for self-taught growth. How often does self-growth happen? Once in a blue moon or less.

The New Testament example of the church is to be a training ground for believers. We should teach the whole counsel of God. It can be done if the church organizes itself in such a fashion that this can happen.

An objection may be brought forward that there simply are not enough teachers to do this properly. Is the problem that there are not enough teachers or that the future teachers are not being trained within the church? The same could be said of encouragers or givers or those showing mercy. Is there a plan in place to develop these spiritual gifts?

Church leaders ask yourselves, "Is there something or someone being wasted because of a wrong emphasis?"

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